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Cowboy Fresh is a western clothing brand founded by Austin Whitmore in 2010 with headquarters in Salinas, California. The brand gleans inspiration from traditional rodeo wear and surf/skate styles to create original graphic tees and snapbacks. While attending rodeos, Austin noticed athletes and attendees wearing surf/skate brands with cowboy hats and Wrangler jackets. With no company in sight taking the leap into blending the two styles together, Austin decided to fill in the gap with his own brand.

Since its inception, Cowboy Fresh has grown into a trustworthy brand and family that spans across the world, with loyal customers and wholesalers in Australia and Canada. Cowboy Fresh is proud to be worn by professional bull riders, rodeo athletes, and country musicians worldwide.

Austin collaborates with multiple graphic designers to keep the clothing line fresh and innovative. Beyond graphic tees, snapbacks, and hoodies, Cowboy Fresh has ventured into jewelry and accessories by offering pendants. 

More than a clothing company, Cowboy Fresh aims to foster a community built around a passion for rodeo. Follow along as the brand continues to fulfill its mission to Keep It Fresh in the Wild West.

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