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Western Alliance Photo Shoot

Western Alliance Photo Shoot

Heading out to the Las Vegas NFR in December is always unforgettable, but it was really special this year. One of the highlights of our trip was our photoshoot in the Valley of Fire, located in the Mojave Desert about an hour northeast of the strip. The reason we chose the Valley of Fire for our location is because the rock structures and high desert scenery look like scenes straight from a western movie. We got some awesome shots, made great friends, and had a blast. 

The idea for this photo shoot came up after our last shoot in Santa Ynez, which took place during the first week of November. This gave us only a month and a half to put something together for our NFR trip. Billy Collinsworth and I had 3 whiteboards in our kitchen that we used to brainstorm every night. Not only is Billy an amazing influencer and roommate, but he played a key role in the planning process and getting everything done. Plus, his Billy Collinsworth Brand hats were featured in the shoot!

We had this idea to collaborate with top western clothing brands and influencers to create a social media shockwave. We wanted to include brands and influencers who we are impressed with on social media. Here’s everyone we worked with. 

Lauren Maeve Photography

We’ve been working with Lauren Maeve since our photo shoot in Santa Ynez. She came up with the idea for our shoot and she played a big role in the planning process. She was the perfect fit because of her lifestyle photography and her skill for capturing the look we’re trying to portray. She edited and sent us pictures on the same day of the shoot. She’s always on top of her game! Check out her website for more western culture photography.

Cowboy Fresh

Our brand took center stage in the Valley of Fire with our new line of products. We had a blast styling everyone in our shirts, hats, and jackets. We think all the brands that took part in the shoot look amazing when paired with some Cowboy Fresh!

Warbonnet Hat Works

We’ve been seeing Warbonnet Hat Works growing like crazy. Their hats are being worn by several top fashion western influencers in the industry and they sponsor the top cowboys. Dan is a master at his craft. He not only a very talented hat maker but a talented hat shaper as well! Check out Warbonnet's Instagram feed for updates on their custom hats.

Whipin’ Wild Rags

Whipin' Wild Rags is a homegrown California company just like Cowboy Fresh. They’ve been growing a great social media presence and we really like the style of their photography. We find that their rags perfectly complement our brand. Plus, it was chilly during our shoot so they were great for keeping us warm.

A Cut Above Buckles

We’ve been working with A Cut Above Buckles for the last year and a half for our pendants and we’ve been super pleased with their business, customer service, and growing social media. We thought their custom buckles, pendants, and cuffs would match and complement our brand like they have been for the last year and a half.

Rock and Roll Denim

We've been proudly wearing Rock and Roll Denim jeans for years! They're a leading denim brand in the western clothing industry that helped keep us looking great and feeling comfortable throughout the shoot. They have the perfect jeans for the modern-day cowboy to wear with some Cowboy Fresh tees! 

Jenna Smeenk

Jenna Smeenk is a western influencer, professional barrel racer, fitness competitor, U.S. veteran, and full-time entrepreneur with her tack business called Knotty Halter. She contributed so much to our shoot by modeling for us and styling our guys.

The vibes throughout the whole photo shoot were amazing. There were a lot of people we hadn’t met before, but everyone was super friendly and everyone was connected. After the shoot, it’s all everyone posted about for a week. Mission accomplished!

Be sure to follow all the brands, influencers, and models who were involved in our shoot:

Cowboy Fresh: @cowboyfresh

Warbonnet Hat Works: @warbonnet_hat_works

Rock and Roll Denim: @rockandrolldenim

Whipin Wild Rags: @whipin_wildrags

A Cut Above Buckles: @acutabovebuckles

Lauren Maeve Photography: @laurenmaevephotography

Billy Collinsworth: @billycollinsworth

Austin Whitmore: @austinwhitmore

Lane Dorr: @lane_dorr

Jacob Kennedy: @jacobkennedyofficial

Tim Mcnarie: @timcnarie

Luke Dyleski: @lukedyleski

Mallory Bush: @malloryvbush

Jenna Smeenk: @jennasmeenk

Kyle Johnson: @kyle_johnson313

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