Cowboy Fresh: When Two Styles Collide

Growing up in California, I had a rope in one hand and a skateboard in the other. I was equally influenced by the communities of Salinas and Monterey. I was a cowboy who also had an appreciation for skating and surfing. Years before creating Cowboy Fresh, I was wearing cowboy boots and starched jeans with a surf brand tee and a skate brand hat. Before I came out with Cowboy Fresh, I shopped at popular surf and skate shops, looking for the unique shirt or hat to combine with my western attire. Some may have called me confused, but I was just being me. That style propelled Cowboy Fresh forward because I knew I wasn’t the only one with a love for both worlds.

When I started developing Cowboy Fresh into the brand it is today, I merged Western style with influences from the surf and skate communities. Some CF designs are heavily western-focused, while some give a nod to the surf style I love. Every piece of Cowboy Fresh clothing has influence from both sides of the coin.  

From color choices to product designs, Cowboy Fresh is inspired by both the dirt and the water. Combining the two together creates something really special, unlike anything else on the market.

Our Cowboy Swag tee is the perfect example of these styles colliding. The inspiration for this shirt came from surf and skate brands that I had been wearing for years before the creation of CF. We combined the skate/street style with a western twist and it has turned into our best seller.

As my team and I move forward with the brand, the merging of these styles is what inspires and motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries. Our goal for Cowboy Fresh is for people to be able to rep the brand anywhere. Whether you're riding at the rodeo, surfing at the beach, or simply living your day-to-day life, we want the brand to be your go-to pick to keep it fresh, Cowboy Fresh.

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