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Looking Back at the 2016 NFR

Looking Back at the 2016 NFR

As we’re gearing up for a great 2017, we’re reflecting on some of our favorite moments of 2016. While we had a ton of memorable moments and achievements, it’s hard for anything to stand out more than the NFR in Vegas. Along with getting to witness all the awesome events and impressive rodeo athletes with a few of our team members, one of our favorite things about this year was meeting other business owners, social media movers, and western influencers. 

Here are some highlights of our NFR experience: 

Adrenaline Addiction

We were stoked to hang out and work with our buddy yvan Jayne. He is a two-time NFR qualifier in the bareback riding. It’s been great getting to know him over the years and seeing his hard work and determination pay off! We hung out and worked together during the NFR promoting each other’s clothing companies. If you haven’t already, check out Adrenaline Addiction's website and Instagram!

Leather and Vodka

We also got to meet and hang out with KL and finally get to see some of the awesome pieces in person from Leather and Vodka. Leather and Vodka sets the bar high when it comes to hand-tooled leather and custom bags. If you need a custom leather piece, she’s your girl. You never know what’s gonna come next from L&V, so be sure to keep up with all their new releases. It was great to meet KL after following her on Instagram for months! Check out Leather and Vodka's website and Instagram.

100X Helmets

Without a doubt, 100X Helmets makes the best bull riding helmets in the industry. They keep our favorite athletes and team members safe and stylish. We spent a lot of time with the 100X team talking about social media and business trends in the rodeo industry. It was awesome to connect with them about supporting rodeos and young rodeo athletes all across the country to help the sport. We also talked about riding safety, and the importance of always doing everything you can to protect yourself in the arena.  We love that message and wanted to partner with the brand, so keep an eye out for some Cowboy Fresh-branded 100X Helmets coming soon! Check out their website and Instagram.

Rodeo Quincy

CF founder Austin Whitmore remembers seeing her at high school rodeos years back with her hand-painted saddles and tack with her own unique style. Now she has her own company--one of the biggest women’s western retail companies. She’s worked with the biggest names in the industry and she continues to release innovative apparel and accessories. It’s always fun to see a fellow Californian killin’ it in the industry. (Our team also agreed that Rodeo Quincy won our informal "best booth at the NFR" competition.) Check out her website and Instagram.

Holy Cow Couture

It was super fun to run into an old friend Britney Pillars of Holy Cow Couture at the Mandalay Bay. Britney started out making custom rope/cowhide purses by hand. Now she has built a huge company and expanded into several different items including badass moccasins. It’s been exciting to watch her company grow and see her thrive as an entrepreneur. Check out Holy Cow Couture's website and Instagram.

Amanda McLernon


With help from our social media director Amanda McLernon, we kept things social at the NFR. She encouraged interactions between other businesses and fans of Cowboy Fresh. Having her join us this year was a game-changer. Our social media game has transformed completely since we brought her on our team and she really shines when interacting with people face-to-face. We were proud to be one of the only companies with a custom Snapchat Geofilter at the Thomas & Mack Arena and were pumped that so many people used it. One of the most fun social media efforts we did as a team was a live Cowboy Fresh jam session from our suite. It was a great way to interact with our followers and show what we do behind the scenes (We had a few jam sessions in real life each day!)  Amanda was able to plan how we used our time in Vegas to foster relationships with other companies and entrepreneurs. Check out her website and Instagram!

Tyler Bicknell


One of the most unforgettable highlights of this year was working with Tyler Bicknell in Vegas for an awesome photoshoot in Red Rock Canyon. We were happy to get off of the strip and into the Nevada wilderness, where the sunset and red rocks made our shoot look like it was just out of a western movie.

Since Vegas, we’ve formed a brand photography relationship and are working with Tyler constantly. Her ability to capture the moment and showcase our brand authentically is unmatched. Tyler is very active in the rodeo world and you'll find her taking pictures at a lot of events. Follow her on social media to find out where she'll be next! Check out Tyler's website and Instagram.

All in all this year in Vegas was a blast and we’re already waiting to get back. (We've got even bigger plans for the next NFR!).

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Cowboy Fresh Styled - Tyler Bicknell

Cowboy Fresh Styled - Tyler Bicknell

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Cowboy Fresh: When Two Styles Collide

Western Alliance Photo Shoot

Western Alliance Photo Shoot


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