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Bass Fishing, my other passion!

Hey guys and gals! Thought I would switch it up with this blog post and show you the other side of my life. I started BASS fishing at a young age and was instantly hooked. Recently I started fishing way more often, and am coming closer to my dream of owning a boat! I mostly fish around the Central California area. Lakes like Don Pedro, Tulluch, New Melones, and the California Delta. Hope you enjoy the pics!


Lake Tulloch Bluffs, CA, from a Ranger Comanche Bass Boat

California Delta Largemouths, Big fish was 5 Pounds


My Biggest Bass to date, 7+ Pounds. Caught it flipping senkos in late May


My biggest Swimbait fish to date. 6 Pounds. Caught it on a Huddleston Swimbait. 

Here are some of the swimbaits that I like to use. The top bait is a 10 inch MS Slammer. The Middle Swimbait is a 14 inch Dead Twitch. The last bait is a 8 inch Huddleston Deluxe, my favorite bait. 


Hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and my fishing problem ha -Austin

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