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That's a Wrap!

It's hard to believe that September is already here! The past couple months have been nothing shy of extraordinary for Austin and the Cowboy Fresh brand. From California to Texas and back, the road has been host to so many adventures!

So let's recap a little bit of what's been going on...

After leaving Salinas, Austin traveled over to Jerry Brown's in Fresno for some Thursday night bullriding action. Just south of there, in Porterville, Amy Witt and Austin collaborated on ideas to expand the Cowboy Fresh Women's Clothing Line! So ladies, stay tuned!

#TeamCowboyFresh Adam Kammerer & Jesse Aitken met up with Austin in Plymouth for a CCPRA rodeo and impromptu photoshoot! We were also able to officially welcome Dominic Giorgi, PRCA & CCPRA Rodeo Clown, to #TeamCowboyFresh! The support and interest that we have received this summer has been incredible... every single day we get inquiries from talented rodeo athletes across the nation to join our team. While we may not be able to accommodate everyone, we appreciate everyone that reaches out! And remember, anyone can still rock our stickers & patches from

As July wrapped up, it was time to restock our inventory! Austin has been filling and shipping ALL of your orders this entire summer. Luckily, he was able to pick up a fresh shipment of shirts, snapbacks and accessories in Southern California before the drive to Albuquerque.

#TeamCowboyFresh Patrick Chee was able to hang out with Austin for a night before he continued his journey to Troy, Texas - and the final celebration of the summer!

The 2nd Annual Bob Preece Backyard Bull Bash... Cowboy Fresh style! The Preece Family were gracious hosts for one of the best Saturday night bullridings. Austin was able to finally meet in person #TeamCowboyFresh Caden Gillard, Koal Livingston, Austin Patterson, Colten Beaty, Brody Yeary and Justin Hendrix! And our lovely friends and photographers, Alexis Davis & Danielle Bryan, were able to capture some of the action.

Everywhere you looked that night you saw the Cowboy Fresh brand! It's been a truly amazing summer and we could never thank YOU enough... for the support, the orders and the memories :)

It's about time to head back to Kansas and begin gearing up for the 2015 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV!

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